I mean… Hi?


I never know how to begin these things. I feel like words should be flowing through my fingertips. Instead, I’m watching a cardinal outside of the window, listening to ASMR, and debating whether I’m having chicken or beef for dinner.

Where the hell is the focus?

It’s been years since I’ve written anything. I guess you can say I lost my inspiration. Somehow, someway… it’s returned… and also, sent me into an absolute panic because I never know when to write or what. I’m working on it! The crazy thing is that I used to have a WordPress blog… eons ago, of course. It’s kind of like I’m starting where I left off, but with a lot more confusion and jumbled thoughts.

Today, it just came to me. What the hell else am I doing?

Who more perfect to nag than strangers?

***Don’t judge the dull page… I’m working on it! My creativity needs to charge.

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