Photo by John Noonan on Unsplash

Do you wear a mask? If you were to remove it, who would you be?

There’s so much focus on wearing masks, for the protection of ourselves and others, during this time due to the pernicious coronavirus. Daily, news channels, and other publications, post a list of symptoms, as well as guidelines we should follow for our own safety. Not having the proper protective equipment, people could possibly die. Unmasking could literally kill, or incapacitate, you.

Now, imagine going through life portraying an image, and then one day the mask begins to crack. You make the necessary repairs, and you go on about your life.

Another crack…

More glue… More tape…

More life… More circumstances…

Eventually your holding a palm full of dust that can’t be repaired.

The mask is broken…

Now you’re true feelings are out there. You’re vulnerable and lost, because what you tried to be has fallen apart. You begin to question your choices, because that’s all it was right? Bad decisions?

If the mask breaks, do the walls fall? Or do you reinforce them, until you can create a new mask? Should you live without it? Can you? The unmasking has brought the insecurity.

No one can know who you really are…

The mask is your protection and your burden…

The mask holds the secret…

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  1. I believe the face people see on me is the real me. I don’t act one way with some people and another way with others. I am the same person no matter where I am or who I am with. I understand why some people put on a mask, but should anyone really have to? Isn’t being yourself good enough?

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