False Positives


Can one lead a life of debauchery, and then decide one day that they want to be a positive person?  Do they receive their payback, or do they just get to slide by?

Probably not, and this is something that has been misconceived.

Status, location, money, cars, clothes, houses, and careers/jobs will never save you from karma.  I can remember my happiest times in life, which is usually when life said… what’s up bitch!?  I could have gotten angry many times, but instead I thought back on actions that I’d made years before, and just prayed that I didn’t fall into that foolishness again.

Isn’t it 7 times 7 or something?  

Anyway, in my opinion, it’s hard to be positive, when you haven’t released, or dealt with previous bullshit that you allowed yourself to get into.  You cannot spend your entire twenties screwing people over, robbing, lying, cheating, etc. and still have the audacity to think that you’ve escaped.  There’s no positivity without accountability, and if you can’t admit to yourself the mess that you created, then your probably a false positive.  

A lot of people like to say that people are “bringing up old things”… Typical avoidance bullshit. The actions a person makes, not only affects them, but the ones around them.  You never know how that one move can cause this major trickle effect.  You come out on top, so you don’t care, but what about the one’s you left in the dust for your own gain, or whatever reason you choose to act on.  

Something else about “old things”, you can still be positive, and acknowledge the mistakes you’ve made in the past.  However, I believe that some people are so intent on creating this image of “put togetherness” that they suppress who they naturally are.  

 These are the people I don’t trust.  I’m not saying tell people everything, but life is a teachable moment, and I refuse to believe that the only struggles you had in life were school and work.  Stop the madness!  These same never struggled individuals, have all the advice in the world.  How?

Positivity does not give you amnesia… If you did it, you did it.  Acknowledge it, deal with it and move forward.  

If you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it does!  Never try to have a one on one with them.  It’s hard to talk to someone who has never been through anything because they don’t know shit.  Get my drift.  In a perfect world, you would be able to talk to a friend about anything, but this isn’t that.  


Speaking on something that someone has experienced, and has not dealt with, will automatically get you shut down.  They don’t want your negativity, so there is no conversation.  With that said, they can willingly drop their load on your lap because “that’s what friends are for”.  How convenient is that?

Get the heck away!

The point of this, is to deal with your issues.  Even people with perfect lives lose control.  Suppression, because rather than address it, you act as though it never happened… but trust me, it happened.  Deal with your pain, and be blessed.  Sage can’t save you, if you’re the demon.

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